Goal Gameplan

The year is winding down and I'm starting to think about all the business goals I wanted to accomplish but haven't. I came to the realization that the goals I set at the beginning of the year were to "general" or "non-specific", and what I needed to do is to come up with a better goal setting system.

So I took a little time to come up with the following Goal Gameplan:
  • I will set realistic, specific, time sensitive goals.
  • I will focus on my goals & take action.
  • I will stop wasting my day on non-productive activities that take away from achieving my goals
  • I will educate myself on topics that will further my goals.
  • I will not make excuses for goals I don't achieve. I will try again.
  • I will be successful!

Rather that wait until the new year, I'm starting this proccess now, by rewriting all my goals to conform with the Goal Gameplan. With these new goals I will take my business to the next level, and as the last bullet point of the Goal Gameplan states "I will be Successful"!


Fall TV Time

So it's time for the new fall TV season. My TiVo will be working overtime, and I'll be wasting countless hours watching shows, that after the first episode, I'll probably never watch again. This will be an ongoing post and I'll updated when I have time.

Here is a rundown of what I've watched (new & returning shows) and my thoughts.

Flash Forward: The premise of this show is that everyone blacks out for 2 minutes 17 seconds, and sees events from their future. This show isn't for the casual viewer. Like LOST, you need to pay attention to pretty much all the details, even the small ones.

My Thoughts: I wished I would have blacked out before pressing the record button, saw into the future that this show would only last a few episodes, and just saved myself an hour.

Cougar Town: Courtney Cox stars in this comedy as a 40-ish divorcee who's back on the dating scene and on the prowl for younger men.

My Thoughts: MILF alert! That is a "Man, I Loved Friends" alert! Finally someone from the cast of Friends has a show worth watching. This show is Funny, Racy then Funny again! I've already set up a season pass for this one.

Community: A former lawyer goes back to college, sets up a Spanish study group to pass his class, and more importantly get the girl.

My Thoughts: Joel Mchale has got a very funny show, and Community isn't it! Even having veteran funny man Chevy Chase in the cast can't save this one for me. After two episodes I've given up on this one, and will just stick to The Soup.


So.....You're a Social Media Expert.....

While tweeting my days away, I notice a lot of folks who say they are "Social Media Experts". I often ask myself what exactly qualifies one to be labeled as one these so called "experts"?

By my random observations, it appears to go something like this:

1 - Have a circle of "Social Media Expert" friends.

2 - Constantly namedrop said friends at every available opportunity.

3 - Constantly link to articles written by these friends about how great your Social Media skills are and vice-versa.

It reminds me of the book reviews on Amazon where a certain "circle" of writers all give each others books glowing 5 star reviews. Something just doesn't seem right....

Anyways, back to my original question: What exactly qualifies one as a "Social Media Expert"?

Me + Facebook = Zero Productivity

I've pretty much realized the sad fact that if I log on to Facebook at any point during the day, I might as well give up on productivity from that point on. It's not so much Facebook itself, as it is the games and add-ons that I've installed to interact with friends.

Over the past month or so I've gotten down to about 4 add-ons, and while it doesn't sound like a lot, those 4 can take up a mind blowing amount of time. I help friends build their mafias, farm their crops, send them virtual drinks, and so on.

My goal is, by the end of this month to be down to 2 add-ons, refuse to take anymore quizzes or polls, only join causes *I* actually care about, & keep hitting that "ignore" button when asked to join in on the latest game craze! I may have just become the facebook party pooper!

At least now I may just get some stuff done!


And so it begins......

Welcome to my little spot on the interwebs to highlight my lack of writing skills. I'll mostly be posting stuff I find elsewhere on the web that I find interesting, funny, or weird, this way I won't be 100% responsible if the content lets you down.

Also, just so I don't get your hopes too high, posts will be sporadic. I will however tweet when I add a new content so you don't have to take valuable time away from your regularlly scheduled internet addictions. I know, BONUS!